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JLUS Committees

Policy Committee

To manage the project, a Policy Committee (PC) comprised of community leadership, Camp personnel and others has been created. The members of the PC not only have the responsibility to work together and with the consulting team to help manage the project, they are also responsible to act as information conduits to coordinate with leadership and others in their respective communities on substantive and procedural matters.

The PC consists of the following:

Mr. Mark Nickerson, First Selectman, Town of East Lyme
Ms. Bonnie Reemsnyder, First Selectwoman, Town of Old Lyme
Mr. Ralph Eno, First Selectman, Lyme
Ms. Dawn Works-Dennis, MAG, LG and Executive Officer, Connecticut Army National Guard
Mr. Joe Danao II, LTC, Connecticut Army National Guard
Mr. Ed Jutila, State Representative 37th House District
Mr. Robert T. Ross, Executive Director, State of Connecticut Office of Military Affairs
Mr. Paul Formica, State Senator, 20th District
Ms. Ayanti Grant, District Director, Congressman Joe Courtney's Office
Mr. Benjamin Neumon, MAJ, CFMO, Connecticut Army National Guard

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) consists of persons who specialize in a variety of subject areas that are typically important to a successful JLUS. The TC members will provide advice and guidance to the project consultants and to the PC on an as needed basis, focusing on scientific, market, regulatory and other concerns.

The TC members include:

Mr. Gary Goeschel II, Director of Planning, Town of East Lyme
Mr. Brian Schuch, Chairman, Town of East Lyme Planning Commission
Mr. Bill Mulholland, Zoning Officer, Town of East Lyme
Mr. Matt Walker, Chairman, Town of East Lyme Zoning Commission
Mr. Keith D. Rosenfeld, Land Use Coordinator, Town of Old Lyme
Mr. Harold Thompson, Chairman, Town of Old Lyme Planning Commission
Ms. Jane Cable, Chairwoman, Town of Old Lyme Zoning Commission
Mr. Brian Thompson, Director, Connecticut Office of Long Island Sound Programs
Ms. Colleen Casane, Assistant Planning Director, Asset Management, ConnDOT
Mr. Richard Morris, Fire Marshal, Town of East Lyme
Mr. Brad Kargl, Utilities Engineer, Town of East Lyme
Mr. Bob Perras, Senior Circuit Owner, CL&P
Mr. Thomas Kasprzak, Community Relations, NU/CL&P/Yankee Gas (Eastern Region)
Ms. Beth Stewart-Kelly, GIS, USARMY National Guard
Mr. Robert T. Ross, State Department of Economic and Community Development
Mr. Arthur Carlson, Chairman, Town of East Lyme Commission for the Conservation of Natural Resources
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This study was prepared under contract with the Town of East Lyme Connecticut, with financial support from the Office of Economic Adjustment, Department of Defense. The content reflects the views of the Town of East Lyme and the jurisdictions, agencies and organizations participating in the JLUS program, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment.